Friday, November 19

All Gretel, no Hansel

All you guys who've been sporting Hansel from Basel leg wear recently have inspired new levels of tights layering in me :D I go through a fair few tights (snag!) so I keep my collection cheap and cheerful. I don't want to end up bawling my eyes out every time a ladder makes an appearance.

Even though I doubt this here wall eyed Scrooge is ever going to own a pair I can't help but admire the unusual patterns and colour combinations on these designer tights from Los Angeles. I don't think I would have had the nerve to pair my orange tights with red socks (and not at least roll them down) if it wasn't for their pixie tights (one colour up to your thighs, then another).

This is the same belt I wore the other day in the underpass. Only since then I finally picked out the faded gold coloured plastic thread that had been threaded through the leather. I am hoping to replace it but for now I quite like the belt as is. I guess I de-80s-fied it despite the current revival.. or maybe because of it. Maybe I am so averse to "being with it" I have to sabotage what's in vogue in my closet (then again, sometimes a banana is just a fruity cigar) :P Enough randomness. More photos:

Nearly the weekend you all! Make it a great one! :)

Headband: Camden market years and years ago
Felt string worn as hair ribbon: Present
Cardigan: H&M
Top: All-Mighty a few years ago
Belt: used to be Mom's
Skirt: vintage from Etsy
Tights: Pamela Mann
Socks: Superstore
Loafers: Office (Present)


  1. you look so ultra cute! i am in love with such vintage style! gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful colours here! I do like the socks with tights (am going to go check that Hansel out now) and I love the cardigan/blouse combination!

  3. Loving that yellow cardigan! Sooo vibrant!

  4. I adore your comments too!!

    By the way, I just think it is great how you are able to mix colours together so perfectly. I don't think I could have done something like that. I like your glasses by the way. they frame the outfit so cute! That skirt and that yellow cardigan make me swooooon!

  5. love the outfit, i like the plaid and how you paired it with bright colors.. the whole outfit just pops!

  6. awh I love the colors in this! that plaid skirt is just perfect <3


  7. I'm usually cheap with tights, too. I can't bring myself to pay more than a certain amount on them. While I am aware of the quality of varied brands, it doesn't phase me all that much (unless they tear on the first wear or something).

    I love the colors you've put together here and the layered tights/sock look!

  8. Oh God, your style is so streng and wonderful! I think it's beacuse of your soul! :) Your belt and top are well-matched i think! Also love your shoes! I'll follow you sweetie, maybe you can visit and follow me ha? :)

  9. You look so so adorable here with the colours and the peter pan collar and you even made that long granny skirt look super cute, gah.
    I've also been layering tights & socks because of my lust for cute legwear yet lack of money to buy some, especially considering how fast I ruin them. I wish there was some kind of indestructible tights out there, I'd spend money on that *_*

  10. super great look love your yellow sweater so much!!!!!

  11. Beautiful layering goodness! And such vibrant colors!!! :D

    In reference to your question about my We Love Colors tights, I want to say they were olive green. When I saw them on the site, they looked more like a military green color, so I was pretty surprised by the shade they actually were when I got them. I still love them though!


  12. Your yelllow cardigan is GORGEOUS on you! I love it. And how you belted it? Genius!!


  13. this is such a cute look! the details on that cardigan are amazing and it looks perfect with that skirt <3

  14. Yep, you can pull off yellow and red in the same outfit, which is an envious talent. I always look like a hot dog when I do this--maybe I need to inject a little more plaid...

    As for fancy legwear, I am kind of obsessed with these:

  15. cute outfit! i just found your blog and very much like your style. :)


  16. Such a cute look- you pull off glasses so well!

    And yellow is my favorite :)

  17. Simply. AMAZING. I am so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours!! I am totally in love with your style/doll houses/film highlights, you name it! Just lovely :)

  18. ah!! i love everything! great mixing--i've been looking high and low for a pair of loafers and just can't settle on any one in particular. yours are adorable, and so is your blog! :)

  19. Oh wow. I really love this outfit. Great colour combination!
    -Andi x

  20. I love this outfit, it reminds me a lot of Enid, from Ghost World. she's one of my ultimate favorite movie characters