Tuesday, October 5

Wall Jam

I took these shots during rush hour after work today and although it 's a little embarrassing being a picture-book narcissist in front of dense traffic snaking along at a snail's pace I'll most certainly be back for more.

This wall used be the back of an ugly business area but that didn't keep the local newspaper from trying to get people riled up against the graffiti which apparently had been "daubed" on the "historic" wall. It 's testament to how sedate this city is (bike theft is the only crime of note) how an investigation was launched by the police despite the fact that the mural had been commissioned by the building's developer.

It'll only be around for a limited time - eventually a budget hotel will be built in it's place so I'll be sure to show you lots more of the artwork before it 's replaced by yet another ugly wall.

More on the Newmarket Road Paint Jam by Blight Society

Beret: craft market in Austria (1990s)
Blouse: Mod Cloth
Cardi: Superstore
Skirt: Vintage


  1. Pretty outfit! I love the shade of green of your skirt :).

  2. That's unfortunate about the art...at least you have it documented! And, I'm really loving the juxtaposition of your vintage attire with the graffiti. I just love the contrast!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. adorable. I love your shirt especially!

  4. such a pretty green outfit! love that blouse so much :-)

  5. I think this wall definitely merits a bit of embarrassment in front of traffic, although I'm impressed nonetheless that you did it. ; ) And I simply love all the wonderful green (and the peter pan collar) going on in this photo!