Thursday, October 14

Tire marks

And in the spring I shed my skin
And it blows away with the changing wind
Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine

I took these pictures one Saturday in September. While taking the photos I could spy the path through the branches and noted an unusual number of runners flitting past. Quite a few would slow to a crawl as they passed me (not only an eccentric taking self-portraits, but a horsey one to boot!)

It was not until I finished my shoot that I realized just how many runners had congregated that day.
What must have been more than hundred were milling around the path, so many standing around chatting they completely blocked my way out of the park. I found myself wheeling my bike along stopping each step or two, repeatedly hollering "Excuse me" at speedo clad men and women. In the end I got so frustrated I exclaimed an exasperated "Can I get out now please?!" and started nudging people with my wheels. Maybe I should just have cycled at them and given them a free set of tire mark tattoos. Not that I am the aggressive type or anything.. ehem.

Dress: Tara Starlet
Cardi: H&M


  1. Wow! A photoshoot like this doesn't come along every day! I think the masks would have helped me with the runners actually, and I probably would have kept the horse head on afterwards, to escape somewhat incognito!

    Great dress, and wonderful yellow cardigan meanwhile (that colour is what I want in a winter coat, basically). And I really love that song.

    Oh, and I might go win that giveaway now! ; )

  2. Beautiful and haunting pictures! I adore your dress.

    Fantastic blog, lady! Followin' for sure ;D

  3. Such pretty photos!
    You should of run 'em over ;)