Sunday, October 17

The Notebook

In spring 2009, when this blog was brand spanking new, I posted my very first screen captures.
Well, looking back I think they were awful and besides I wanted another look at all the swoonderful costumes in The Notebook (2004). It 's 123 minutes of soppy fairytale full of clothing to die for. Here goes..

Ah.. embroidery :) And I love the square collar too :)

This is my favourite outfit in the whole film. Red, pocket detail, a wide brimmed hat, matching button earrings and gloves - what 's not to like?

How lovely are those gloves?

Aya has a couple of great Notebook inspired hair tuts on her youtube.

Enjoy what 's left of the week and have a great start to the new one!


  1. Love The Notebook so much! I am always such a freaking mess at the end though. I think I cry harder every time I watch it.

  2. I agree with Tami, this movie renders me incomprehensible every single time I watch it! I love it though, and you're right, the costumes are absolutely fabulous. I wish everyone dressed this way!