Tuesday, October 19


I made some wall ornaments from bottle tops a wile back. I thought I was being rather original until I started seeing the very same on a few crafty blogs. Oh well, humanity has been around for too long to get bogged down by not being the only or first one doing something.. anything at all. ;)

I have a few kaleidoscopes but this one is special. I really like the look of it but it 's the insides that count. The beads form just the same patterns I remember from my first kaleidoscope. The first.. It was plain red plastic (you know, toddler proof) and I couldn't get enough of it. Until I found this one on eBay some years ago I thought I'd never see those patterns again. Iconic ;)

My outfit today was various shapes of orange and yellow with a tad of grey. Mostly I looked like a pumpkin. A grumpy, sniffly one who sneezes loudly. That 's October for you.

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