Saturday, October 23

Resonant Frequency

The red & blue Carter bridge was built in 1989. It made the Guinness Book of Records as the longest covered cycle bridge in the world that year.

I always felt dubious about bridges after I heard about the possible ramifications of marching across one in step. Even if you're heart doesn't usually skip a beat when crossing a bridge the wobble of the Carter Cycle Bridge and amplified boom of your every step should do the trick.

I wore two layers of tights quite a lot last winter but as soon as I wasn't blogging much at the time I've never shown you before. I can never get myself to wear lace tights on their own but I love pairing them with a pair of blue, pink or turquoise tights for a little bit of contrast. :)

I thought I'd share a blooper with you for once. This is me vacating the cycle lane pronto :)

Ever since I first set eyes on it ten years ago I've snapped lots of pictures of the Carter Bridge. I used to live just across from it so I have misguided feelings of ownership about the place.

The sound of bicycles speeding down: Katonk....Katonk..... KATONK! followed by SCREEECH! as they hit the breaks at the bottom having ignored all the SLOW signs on the way down the steep incline. Sounds like home.

And while I am reminiscing, to the left is one of my first images of the bridge. When you have a spare door how could you not drag it around town pretending it 's a portal to some other world? A friend held it up for me while I took the shots :)

Dress: Mousevox Vintage
Shoes: currently disintegrating


  1. Great photos!!

    Love the door idea, lol. Fun!!!


  2. Fantastic photos, and I always enjoy your ability to match your outfit to your location! Good idea having coloured tights under lace tights too; I always feel a bit stupid in just lace tights.

  3. WOAH. these are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the second to last one.

  4. what a great idea to pair the tights! Now, I might wear them!