Thursday, October 21

Now, Voyager

I am sure most of you have seen Now, Voyager (1942) but even so the costumes are sure worth a second look.

Below are some screen captures of my favourite outfits from this ugly duckling tale deliciously chronicling one woman's journey to self-acceptance and independence. Only the very end is rather too cringy for my taste. Never mind, sometimes it 's all about the journey not the conclusion, right? ;)

The pattern on her blazer just looks brilliant. I wonder what colours it might be.

Cool shades!

This is my favourite out of the whole film. As soon as I saw it I decided screen captures were inevitable.

Isn't "Roly Poly" wearing an amazing hat? I love the bow collar too :)


  1. I actually haven't seen it. My sister is a HUGE Bette Davis fan but I've never really seen many of her films. I've been meaning to borrow some more and I think I might start with this one - that last still cinched the deal. ;]
    -Andi x

  2. thanks for your comment lovely <3 i agree the rayban ones are divine! i am loving those shade also by the way! xxx

  3. I haven't seen this one! But I'll have to see it now after seeing these screen shots xxx

  4. Must watch! Thank you so much for sharing, your blog is so cute. xx

  5. Beautiful screen caps. I always wonder at the color of clothing worn in black and white films, too. It's fun imagining such beautiful garments in a myriad of different shades and hues :)

  6. I haven't seen this... but I may got check it out now. And re: Emily's comment above, interesting dress colour trivia. Have you seen Top Hat, with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers? Ginger wears this amazing white feathered dress in one scene--except apparently it was actually turquoise... which makes me really glad the film wasn't in colour!