Monday, October 25

Miniature Menace

Let 's call it a post apocalyptic dollhouse, because that makes it sound like the thick layer of dust covering the place is design not laziness. ;)

I made these doughnuts and bowl a while back using Garden of Imagination tuts. Dougnuts have to be the simplest miniature to make, I was ever so pleased to find something I could make at a 16th without a major breakdown.

I got this ready to print pizza box here. Angela's tut did call for a little more care than I paid this sad little pizza but in my defence - this pastel spattered slice is tiny.

Check out the beginnings of my halloween blood bath! Nope, it isn't ketchup ;) Clear lacquer is my weapon of choice when it comes to liquids. I colour them with chalk pastels (Angela's tuts again - there 's one resourceful model maker!).

Here I am holding my beverage spills (oh dear, my mucky fingers!).
I used a kitchen knife to mix lacquer with chalk pastels and then let my coffee and OJ drip from the knife's edge on to some plastic foil. They dried nice and flat at the bottom and were easy to pull free once dry.

By the way, I never mentioned about the recepticle before although the link has been hidden in plain sight (in the side bar) for a while now: If you'd like a look back at past doll house blog headers you can see them all here.

Have a great start to the week you all! Be safe *cue evil cackle*


  1. oh my! i love doll houses, i really want to have my own but i think i would spend way too much time on it and use up all my money. i love the details put into doll houses and i wish my own house one day would look as good as your doll house!

  2. wow, did you do that ? I(ve got the same little phone because I love miniatures, I used it to make a necklace.