Saturday, October 16

I'll never be lost again

When I came across this compass locket on Etsy I was smitten right away. I just love the idea of keeping my bearings around my neck.

Actually I have a habit of getting lost, but unless you're in a rush that is a great way to get to know a place. When I am on holiday my map stays hidden until my legs are sore. I guess that makes me not lost but just out for an adventure. Chance is a beauty ;)

When I was in school I wasn't the only student to get lost on trips but what set me apart was my blatant lack of caring about this state of affairs.

On a primary school hiking trip I bumbled along so slowly before long I found myself alone. I hitched a lift on a tractor. Suffice to say I caught up in no time ;)

When during heavy snowfall I lost my way on a school skiing trip I half heatedly searched the slopes for them but was ecstatic to pick my own route back to the hostel at the end of the day (black runs baby!).

So yeah, I was a terrible liability. Poor teachers :D

And being lost aside: Trousers (and socks rather than tights!). Behold my fabled trousers' blog debut. I almost exclusively live in skirts and dresses but here is proof that sometimes I wrap my legs separately ;)

Blouse & trousers: H&M
Socks: some superstore
Coat: some superstore
Bracelet: Grandma's
Compass locket:  birdzNbeez
Shoes: Office


  1. that's a fantastic locket! Quite unique, I think...and functional as well as pretty!

  2. I love your shirt, it's so nice, and your locket i amazing!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. That compass locket is really gorgeous, i must have one...hehe. Love the outfit too. :)

  4. Lovely outfit, beautiful locket, too!

  5. looks really wonderful. I love everything in this outfit.