Saturday, October 30

Don't lose your head

Welcome to the final instalment of my house of horrors..

Here I am, what 's left of me, looking all stern and wall eyed (as per usual). Wonder whether I am for dinner?

I like to think my body has been dissolved by acid in this mucky tub. The yucky goo is a mix of water, fake blood and ketchup. Curdalishious. The skulls and bones scattered around the house are from a plastic Halloween bracelet.

I think you can guess which bits are courtesy of photoshop ;) My fingers sure aren't nimble enough to make a beheaded little me.

Happy Halloween! Have a spooky Sunday and don't lose your head ;)


  1. My goodness! Pure and unadulterated craziness and talent! I'm amazed!

  2. Your house looks very spooky, in homage to Halloween and I like the piles of books in the living room. Happy Halloween - it has taken over Australia as well.

  3. These are so incredible. I want to live in this doll house!

    Lulu Letty

  4. oh my goodness! what a grand idea!

  5. um, you are officially very cool. do you know the brother's quay? creepy video artists (twins actually) who use small doll parts and other miniature items for stop motion animation. it is not at all cute or even pretty like this, but would be interesting to see if they might influence you