Saturday, October 2

Call me Imelda

Obviously 2,700 pairs of shoes is pretty excessive (especially when the public is paying for your pleasure) but four years ago I might have frowned even at a humble collection of 20 or 30 pairs.

With some trebidation I finally counted them: Boots, wellies and all - I call fifteen pairs of shoes my own.

For the first five or six years after I moved out from home I lived in my doc martens. It was only when I started co-ordinating my outfits rather than blindly grabbing for a t-shirt that I became sure-footed in heels. No more black shoes with brown tights, no more scuff marks as the shoe equivalent of beauty spots.

Eversince I suddenly started caring whether my shoes "go" with the rest of my outfit I have amassed a sizeable collection of my own and it 's growing. Over the past four years I have collected 15 pairs of footwear. If I keep going at that rate my collection will double within the next four.

 Having used to be quite frugal about my soles I still feel a litle awkward when colleagues comment on the vast number of shoes at my disposal.
Although strictly speaking I do own quite a lot of pairs, really I think I am pretty average on the footwear front. Sure, some girls make do with one pair like I used to but honestyly, there 's still room for more. I'm always on the lookout for t-bars and a blue or purple pair wouldn't go amiss.  I am smitten with Rachel Antonoff's collaboration with Bass shoes and Starr's Madewells make me drool (two tone and fringy bits!). After all I have only one pair of flats..

I think my collection appears deceptively large just like the number of dresses I own because of the lack of some other items people assume I must have as well. For instance, I own one t-shirt, one pair of "emergency
trousers" and one pair of "team building jeans". People don't expect that. Most people assume as well as all my dresses and skirts I must have a stack of more casual garments in my closet. Along the same lines a selection of trainers, flip flops and peep toes seems to be a staple in most women's shoe parades.
Well, I am not the sportive type and no way am I going to show these toes of mine to anyone: Those digits are freakishly long, like strange misshapen fingers! Instead I got what seems like millions of mary-janes and t-bar lifts lined up in my porch.

Looking after my shoes also plays a role in the steady growth of my collection. I don't spend a lot of time on it but I do look after my footwear. I keep them clean (baby wipes do the job quick and easy), waterproof and shine 'em regularly and get them re-heeled every once in a while too. Not everybody does that and if you're not in the habit you wouldn't believe how much that can extend your shoes' lifespan.

Mind you, no matter how I qualify it: I am consumerist.
Ahem. Just call me Imelda.

How about you, are you Imelda too?


  1. I love the pink buttons and belt on your dress, you look so nice!!! Love the suitcase full of shoes too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I used to live out of docs too but they were worn so often for so many years that they cut my feet up. I do have a pair of maryjane docs I've worn for years that are fine on my feet though. hehe.

    I love mary janes and tstraps