Saturday, October 30

A Cat amongst Cowboys

While I am told Halloween has now reached Austria, back in the 80s when I would have been game to knock on doors and demand sweets or else it hadn't crossed that particular border just yet.

There was Fasching instead, a carnival season stretching from 11:11 AM on 11th November into February and culminating in much Faschingskrapfen-doughnut munching, costume parties and marching around town looking like a silly sausage.

Here I am in the mid eighties, approximately two and a half years old. This here cat even wore a tail. Looking through the photos I was rather tickled that all the other kids appear to be cowboys and indians! I am like Southpark's Stan dressed as Raggedy Anne amongst droves of Chewbaccas!


  1. that sounds like so much fun! =)

  2. How much fun?!!? I love finding old pictures.