Sunday, October 31

11 am to London

I wore this last Wednesday. The whole ensemble was really simple and cosy, as clothes must be midweek!

In my last job I wore a uniform (ratty blue t-shirt and black trousers) so I am pleased as punch with my current employs dress code: Smart casual. They're not picky about my choice of colour so I don't have any dedicated work clothes. I don't dress up at all, I just come as myself :)

First time I wore this dress to work a couple of years back a colleague took me aside to tell me I was overdressed. She suggested I should dress more appropriately for work. She did it in the confidential tones some women assume when they want to sound all matey but really they're warning you off. The lady herself wasn't a casual dresser either. Pot - kettle?!

I've always been terribly naive when it comes to the unwritten rules of the wardrobe: You know, etiquette regarding buying/wearing identical clothes as someone in the same office. or worse yet: The same classroom.

Me, I've never been territorial about my garments. Back in the day my B.F.F. and I were always nagging our parents to buy us identical everything. We looked nothing alike but we were determined to be mistaken for twins.

Nowadays, when someone wears the same skirt as me I am bound to be amused but I try not to show it because there is no need to exacerbate a volatile situation such as this. Really, it feels like suddenly finding yourself a protagonist in a nature program. The lioness perceives a threat to her cubs. Cubs in the form of a sweater, skirt or pair of shoes. Some women see red when they catch me wearing "their" clothes. I've been taken aside to establish who owned the item first and therefore has superior rights to wear it. Curious. I never did understand the problem, after all isn't duplication inherent in off the rack clothes? In some situations I can be quite vitriolic but I tend to remain meek when it comes to wardrobe frays. I just smile and then go ahead and wear my clothes whenever I like. I am an off the rack rebel :D

Headband: Camden Market years and years ago
Coat: Superstore
Dress: H&M years ago
Jumper: H&M approx. 12 years ago. Oh my a relic from the 90s!
Shirt and gloves: Superstore years ago
Boots: Clarks a couple of years ago
Brooch: Present


  1. I've never worried about it that much either, my sister and I shop together and buy the same thing often since we are similar shapes and sizes. On the occasion we end up wearing the same thing I find it funny-
    LOVE the pop of color beneath that pretty floral.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. you always find the coolest walls!!! I adore the pin you have on too!

  3. The brooch is lovely, and I also really like the 90s souvenir sweater!

    I'm a disaster with dressing for work. Whatever the dress code is, I decide I hate it and try and wear different things. If there is no dresscode I'm left not knowing what to hate. I've had to wear black loads of times, with the result that I am permanently devoted to colour.

    But I have to say, I'd rather not be wearing the same thing as someone else at the same time. Especially when it's a bright pink and orange dress. I've occasionally had to miss a bus just to avoid my sartorial double. I find if you keep your clothes for years though you usually stop seeing them around. ; )

  4. i absolutely adore the blue coat <3 soo divine :) xxx

  5. The bottom half really catches my eyes!! Nice outfit

  6. You look really good with red lipstick on. I wish I could pull it off!
    I really love this outfit. Especially the purple tights!
    They look really good with the skirt..