Sunday, September 5

The Letter R

When I was little my footwear was dictated by a simple rule: You can't run about barefoot in months containing the letter R.

Now it 's SetembeR the sun has returned from hiding but the quality of light and temperature is telling me autumn is well on its way. Morning mists are drawing in and the leafs are starting to change too. Metamorphosis! Gregor Samsa nothing against it.

That given I thought I'd take some summery tones for a final spin before switching to warmer colours. I always feel like wearing warm tones during the R months, as if the colours alone are going to add some extra insulation against the cold. Well, we're not quite there just yet. :)

Happy Sunday!

Crochet blouse: Clever Nettle
there was no resisting this one! I am surprised I didn't faint when I found it.. ;)
Pencil skirt: Tara Starlet
Grey skirt: H&M years ago
Jacket: Topshop years ago


  1. Ha! What a cunning rule. I had never heard that before or realized that those middle months do not have Rs in them. Funny.
    I love the hues of this outfit. Those shoes are darling.

  2. You look amazing in that blouse! Thanks for taking photos, I'm always stoked to see how people style the things they get from my shop. I love that you paired it with pink tights!

  3. your style is awesome and i love those tights! come follow xxo

  4. That's a great rule. I'm afraid I've been breaking it though. Even if it is September, in Alabama it's still hitting 90 degrees. The less clothes, the better.

  5. I saw when Anja was selling that shirt and I love it so much. what a great otufit this is!!!

  6. You look amazing, thats the cutest shirt ever!