Wednesday, August 11

Gangster shoes

Gangster shoes! Two-tone wingtips! A long, finicky search has come to an end. I've been wanting a pair ever since I first watched Twin Peaks. The funny thing is Audrey's two-tones aren't wingtips at all but still her footwear created a desire for Al Capone shoes in me. Just like me to wear them in a cow field right away..

I swear I get photography withdrawal on rainy days. I was distracting myself with random eBay searches when I came across this horse. How could I resist? :)

Just as I was picking a spot to set up shot I noticed an abandoned shopping trolley not five meters away. Chance is a beauty :) Definitely hope I'll get up the courage to re shoot in the shopping trolley's natural habitat. I was thinking cornflake aisle..

top: All-Mighty
skirt: Etsy
shoes: eBay


  1. Hurrah! Congrats on your find. =D I also love Audrey Horne.
    -Andi x

  2. These are great shoes and great photos!

  3. This outfit is so beautiful, definitely the most fashionable horse!! Two-tone forever!!!