Sunday, August 29

A Month of Rain

A month of rain is all it took for me to finally get a move on with my model making.
A few finishing touches and that doll house is ready to be a backdrop for a photoshop feast. :)

Today I made a little broom (polymer clay base with a wooden handle and decommissioned-sponge bristles) and half eaten cookies as well as a new lamp shade (you can see the lampshade on top of the telly & broom infront of the washing up basin in the banner). I am sure you can tell the kitchen curtains are a botch job but I guess polymer is not your standard curtain material. :)

The kitchen is in 16th scale so it can be quite fiddly making bits for it. That mahusive looking cookie for instance has a 1 cm/0.4 inch diameter. I am still clumsy with the polymer clay but after today's attempts I found some great tuts on YouTube to help me along the way :) Garden of Imagination's tuts are brilliant and it 's fun listening to her conversations with her kids in the background.

I use FIMO which is quite nice to work with. It 's soft and doesn't dry out (accidentally left a lump out for a month and it was still in good shape!). You can dry it in your oven and unlike clay-clay (you know, real clay) this stuff seems to be indestructable. It just doesn't crack no matter how flimsy your work.

I still have a couple of items on my to do list: A swing bin (how the - does one make a swing bin?) and some suds for the washing up pile and overflowing bathtub. I'll also try my hand at a mouldy pizza slice - every household should have one :)


  1. Oh my - I love doll houses and tiny models of things. These are so lovely :)

  2. wow, this is AMAZING! I'm so in awe. hope to see more pictures soon!

  3. wow it looks so amazing!
    I love you rheader!
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  4. i wish i could do things as lovely as this with fimo... i always end up doing bear and owl pins, i can never do anything pretty..

    it looks absolutely wonderful, i love it!

  5. btw, i tagged you on my blog!