Sunday, August 29

A Month of Rain

A month of rain is all it took for me to finally get a move on with my model making.
A few finishing touches and that doll house is ready to be a backdrop for a photoshop feast. :)

Today I made a little broom (polymer clay base with a wooden handle and decommissioned-sponge bristles) and half eaten cookies as well as a new lamp shade (you can see the lampshade on top of the telly & broom infront of the washing up basin in the banner). I am sure you can tell the kitchen curtains are a botch job but I guess polymer is not your standard curtain material. :)

The kitchen is in 16th scale so it can be quite fiddly making bits for it. That mahusive looking cookie for instance has a 1 cm/0.4 inch diameter. I am still clumsy with the polymer clay but after today's attempts I found some great tuts on YouTube to help me along the way :) Garden of Imagination's tuts are brilliant and it 's fun listening to her conversations with her kids in the background.

I use FIMO which is quite nice to work with. It 's soft and doesn't dry out (accidentally left a lump out for a month and it was still in good shape!). You can dry it in your oven and unlike clay-clay (you know, real clay) this stuff seems to be indestructable. It just doesn't crack no matter how flimsy your work.

I still have a couple of items on my to do list: A swing bin (how the - does one make a swing bin?) and some suds for the washing up pile and overflowing bathtub. I'll also try my hand at a mouldy pizza slice - every household should have one :)

Saturday, August 28

28 again

Hi there :) I am still around, it 's only that my blogging efforts have been thwarted by pouring rain over the past couple of weeks. When the sun peeked out behind some clouds that looked like they meant business my other half and I swiftly made our way to a photo opportunity to alleviate my outfit post withdrawal.

I just turned 28 again. All year long I'd been convinced I was 28 years old. When I did the math a few weeks before my birthday I was baffled to find I'd missed out on being 27. Trust me to get my age wrong and skip a year! Never mind, I am down for a legitimate second round now :D

Today I am wearing my Jitterbuggin skirt. You've seen it before but I've had it shortened since (taking your own measurements is futile..). Now it falls just below the knee I want to wear it every day. The fabric is so lovely and soft, yet just weighty enough to fall right. Kim's shop is a never ending temptation :)

Top & cardi: Highstreet
Bracelet: My Grandma's
Skirt: Jitterbuggin

Tuesday, August 17

A Messy House

I am back at the miniature book making. The weather is perfect for gluing your fingers together during crafty endeavours. Unlike the previous batch, the new books can't be opened. They're made from card covers and thick double-sided-tape pages. They're a lot easier to stack and stack I will. I got it in my head to fill that doll house with stacks upon stacks of books, tiny versions of a few favourites. I guess I don't want a pretty doll house but a messy one.

Sunday, August 15


Mustard sandwiches. Sometimes condiments and bread are all you need for a feast.

The weather is cool & changeable. It was only when my bright cardi started attracting bees that I remembered it is only August.

I got caught in the rain the other day and sought shelter in the local H&M. I found this short sleeve jumper & cardigan there. My list of winter-wardrobe-wants is getting shorter. Who knows, maybe I'll find cowboy boots before it gets really nippy as well?

Happy weekend everybody! :)

Wednesday, August 11

Gangster shoes

Gangster shoes! Two-tone wingtips! A long, finicky search has come to an end. I've been wanting a pair ever since I first watched Twin Peaks. The funny thing is Audrey's two-tones aren't wingtips at all but still her footwear created a desire for Al Capone shoes in me. Just like me to wear them in a cow field right away..

I swear I get photography withdrawal on rainy days. I was distracting myself with random eBay searches when I came across this horse. How could I resist? :)

Just as I was picking a spot to set up shot I noticed an abandoned shopping trolley not five meters away. Chance is a beauty :) Definitely hope I'll get up the courage to re shoot in the shopping trolley's natural habitat. I was thinking cornflake aisle..

top: All-Mighty
skirt: Etsy
shoes: eBay

Thursday, August 5

Birds & Bugs

We appear to be having an early autumn over here. Maybe I am being a tad pessimistic there, I could do with a second helping of sunshine :)

I've never been big on using a change purse but ever since I got an mp3 player small enough to fit I've got that cat dangling from my neck all the time. I was mainly feeding my auditory system Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles today.

Nearly the weekend - smooth Friday to all!

Brooch: Third Planet