Tuesday, July 20

The Ministry

A lifesign at last :)

I've been busy this past week day tripping it to see Orbital play (here is one for the Who fans) and setting up shop on Etsy also proved rather distracting for this here blogger.

So anyway - here is what I wore today:

The little bird patch on my skirt is "inspired" by Monty Python.
A while ago I got it in my head to imitate the Ministry of Silly Walks at work. Bracelet met skirt and: RIP! Time for embellishments. I should have taken these photos a month ago when my handiwork wasn't frayed yet. I think I might trade up to a pink elephant when the winged one gets too tatty..

I am signing off for a few more days. Can't wait to catch up on my followings..
Have a great week!


  1. I loveeee that shirt! The colour coordination is lovely! haha sometimes I do the silly walks randomly for fun! it IS fun!

  2. Any outfit with shoulders that marvelous (STRIPES!) and a Monty Python inspired skirt...well, you have my vote!

    Thanks for the refreshing and humorous post. I think I'll go watch Life of Brian.

  3. The little birdy is so cute! I happen to adore every Monty Python skit out there, especially the Silly Walks one! In fact I was imitating it just today with some friends!

  4. I love your personal style. I think if I saw you walking down the street it would make me smile.