Sunday, June 27


To me there is something endearingly wistful about hand crafted items no longer with their original owner.

Avenell's bag leaves me wondering: Was the hand scored image of a man riding made for a sibling, friend or lover? In any case it is obvious a lot of skill & effort went into this sweet little bag. It is the same picture on the front and back but the details vary. One of the donkeys for instance looks rather friendly while the other seems miffed to be carrying a man on his back.

I never can resist unhomed personalized items. Given the choice between a pristine book and the yellowed pages of a dog eared old paperback I'll always be drawn to the latter. I especially like the carefully styled script Miss Scott used when inscribing her copy of To Kill a Mockingbird with a rather sober quote. She underlined many passages and left her notes in the margins too.

We've all been having Kodak moments for quite a few generations now. I got photos of my yea high great-grandparents. While looking through some newly developed snaps a friend of mine in her early twenties told me she was looking forward to showing these to her grandchildren. Time travel ;)

The tintype pictured above was a gift from a friend. I always forget how detailed these little plates are when you catch them at the right angle.

Marks and messages left by strangers in public places are always fun to find. A little bit of immortality. All those "I was here"s, witticisms on toilet walls, hearts etched into trees proclaiming undying love. Check out the wall behind me: You'll find these anywhere, disused cinemas where once upon a time queuing movie goers left their mark scoring the wall with coins.

Have a good second half to the week everybody :)

Bag: Vix Vintage
Dress: All-mighty (I wear this lots but I think you last saw it on the blog over a year ago)


  1. Wow, amazing dress, I love it!

  2. I feel ya on that. I can't resist stuff like that either. Found an adorable little framed print of a flower with "happy mothers day '23" written on the back and had to have it!

  3. This is such a great post.
    What a great thing to find in the front of such a book.

    And you have a ver cute header, by the way.

  4. oh things like this seem like great fun to me!!