Monday, June 7


So today I finally started scribbling in my sketchbook. A photo series I have been tossing around in my head for a while is starting to come together.

I got two shots nearly set to go and a rough idea of two more but I am pretty sure there will be others. I am just not certain what they will look like yet. I'll have to consider location, lighting, props and what I'll wear as well of course. I am doing self-portraits so they might as well be outfit posts.

One of the shots is going to be set in my doll house. I think probably the kitchen although I might opt for the living room on a whim.

This kitchen by the way is (for the most part) a 1960s Tri-ang "Leisure Kitchen". Apparently that is all it takes to turn me into a greedy three year old. I need to make a kitchen window that will look reasonable in a photo (that's what the cardboard is meant to resemble for the time being) and I'll have to choose a neighbourhood (to print out and stick behind the window).
I recently made the little kitchen clock/timer which is loosely based on this one. It was my first encounter with polymer clay (which for the record is not clay at all but has me thinking of shrinky dinkies again).

The living room is pretty much ready to go, only the standing lamp (not in shot) is too cute for my taste. I'll have to alter the shade. Check out my ducks on the wall though! I got them on eBay. I really like the paper flowers in the window too (who knows how they all stayed in place with two generations at play). I came across a wall flower a few weeks back and the colours were so odd, it looked just like these.

I'll aim to have however many shots turn out to be in the set posted by the end of the summer and then put the whole series up on my site.

My bike is back in action by the way.
Have a good one everybody :-)


  1. What a darling dollhouse! I can't wait to see the photos you come up with.

    I'm delighted to have found your blog. Thank you for the sweet comment! :)

  2. oh wow. this is incredible. I love the ducks!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sooo cute!! Love this doll house!