Saturday, June 12


I was hoping it would be windier today so I could take a long exposure of my dress all blurred with movement. Celery.

Today I got a new bike lock. I lost my old one (yeah, I know.) so although the flat got fixed on Monday my bike remained stationary up to today. My legs were starting to go all muscly thanks to all the walking I been doing. They'll turn to mush swiftly enough now I am getting to leisurely pedal towards my destinations once more.

I was wearing this black&white dress in the photo we used for our wedding invitations. The Other Half was holding a shovel and we stood stern faced like the dentist and his wife for the shot. The hilarious thing was that hardly anyone got the reference to American Gothic. Not having come across the original they assumed we'd fallen pray to an unskilled photographer. At the time I did a lot of confirming that yes, we are both sour faced on purpose. It is just a reference not a state of mind.
And while I am on the subject of references: Hearts in Atlantis/Dark Tower (Stephen King) came to mind when I saw the ripped apart lost pet poster above.

Right. That 's enough showing off the inner dork for one day.
Happy weekend!

Dress: Echoo
Mask: I bought this one in Amsterdam, not a DIY one for a change ;-)
Shoes: Clarks (hell, I miss those K's.. glue is drying at the moment)

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