Friday, June 11


Would you believe up until three years ago I never owned a single item of pink clothing? Well, not since growing my second set of teeth anyway.

The weekend is coming up and the sun is roasting hot in between rain showers. Perfect. I am looking forward to more photo opportunities. Maybe tomorrow I'll make a change and NOT forget my masks at home.

Have a good weekend!

Dress: Echoo
Shoes: Clarks
Necklace: Tina Tarnoff
Bag: Asda
Umbrella: eBay


  1. i confess pink isnt my thing either but wow. i'm impressed!
    your necklace looks lovely! is it a girl on a swing?

  2. love the tights and lipstick.

    xo nancy

  3. I am not much of a pink person myself. A pink item can be fresh and fun outfit pick me up. You look too good for words.


  4. Thanks guys for your sweet comments.

    Ines: Yes, it is a girl on a swing. You can see it better in this post: