Wednesday, June 9

Like a Miner

Years and years ago my Grandfather told me I walk like a miner. He then proceeded to demonstrate the tiny baby steps a lady should take. I thought that looked like an awful waste of time.

This dress always makes me want to stand like a grumpy teenage wannabe-delinquent. Or maybe more like a miner.

After my lunchtime outing today the soles of my cream K's (my favourite shoes by a long shot) are coming off. I wear them a lot so it is no surprise but although I've been looking for a while I can't find a pair to replace them with. I am hopeful I might be able to make them last just a little bit longer. What do you reckon: Superglue or rubber cement?

Have a good second half to the week you all!

Dress: H&M a few years back
Brooch: Etsy
Shoes: Vintage K's


  1. I have a wonderful pair of gold heels that need the bottom replaced too. They are wonderful. Yellow pages maybe? Found you through Trishie! Love your blog and your style.


  2. haha wow. a miner's walk sounds rough! Must have been fun to watch him do the lady's walk though. I love the dress and that teepee looks awesome too. Those shoes are gorgeous!!!

  3. You walk like a minor, that little quip made me giggle. I was wearing a long dress the other day that forced me to take little baby steps and it was so frustrating. I can't imagine walking like that all of the time, NO THANK'S!

    I love the pop of color your tights add, it's such a great addition to this look.

  4. What a cool outfit!! I like your story of your grandfather teaching you how to walk like a lady. That is so cute.

  5. What a funny thing to say - you walk with a minor! Those shoes are so cute I can see why you love them!

  6. cute mix of colors! and i recommend shoe goo for the soles!

  7. you could totally take them to a shoe repair person for $15? lol at the miner comment

  8. lol, i def dont walk like a lady! whats the point? i want to get somewhere fast and little steps just wont cut it! love the tights :) xo