Monday, June 14


When I worked on Dark Territory I made a lot of masks. I spent hours and hours ripping up newspaper and squeezing PVA glue bottles. There are two boxes of masks under the stairs but this one is my favourite.

Sometimes you can't trust your eyes..

I took these before work and during lunchtime. That is excluding the odd one out: The abandoned sofa I snapped a long while back up North.

Today the hours just sped past, morning turned into home time in a blink. Not that I am complaining, as long as the evening doesn't follow suit ;-)

Have a good week everybody!

Blouse: H&M
Belt: from a retired dress
Necklace: Tina Tarnoff on Etsy
Shoes: Jones


  1. Very unique. I love the necklace a lot!

  2. ah, I love the A*Team a lot and watched that every week as a child, but not dedicatedly as I did Doctor Who with my brothers in the 80s and 90s. . . which I still and always have consantly refreshed myself with classic episodes. I don't know what I thought of the newest episode of Doctor Who but that Van Gogh one was excellent. I am glad they are going to go back to explain the CRACK in the wall, because I've had my thoughts and theories. haha. I think the episodes of Matt Smith are just about to air here in the US. . .but I watch them the night after they air in the UK. ;) because that's how insane I am.

  3. Wow, these pictures are sooo cool!
    Cara from IFB

  4. Love the images, and those shoes!