Thursday, June 17

All that glitters

This is what I wore today:
It was the first outing for my plastic fantastic cardi clips. I went on an Etsy search after watching an episode of Glee. The music is not my thing at all but I sometimes watch five minutes with the sound off to see wide eyed girl's Granny outfits.

I always seem to go for ueber-bright tights with this dress. Maybe it 's the rainbow stripes commanding me?

Oh and while I remember:
All that Glitters | Death in Vegas

Cardigan: a supermarket
Dress: vintage (80s)
Cardi clips: Etsy
Bag: Etsy
Shoes: Jones


  1. I love love LOVE the cardigan clip! I want!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I really enjoy it! I love all the vintage inspiration,, following you now. =)

  3. sooo cute and inspiring! ^.^

  4. You look so cute, your cardugan is so lovely, I'd love to have one

  5. Ohh, you're very cute and your blog is so adorable!
    I love all your photos! :)
    Following you now...^^

  6. i was supposed to say the same thing.. those cardi clips remind me of glee and the cardigan itself is just so lovely! :D

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