Saturday, May 1

Weirdo in the Woods

The weather forecast for this weekend was rather gloomy, so I took my chances and went out for photos Friday in between rain showers. I love the bitter smell in the air just before and after a downpour, the changeable lighting and saturated colours. Anyway, the dire prediction of rain, rain and more rain didn't come true (yet) so I got to be a weirdo in the woods early Saturday morning as well.

Everytime I do my hand laundry (a task always preceeded by much procrastination) I think how I have a rainbow of tights. Naturally I couldn't resist a quick photo of the drying rack.

The picture with the pink dress hanging on the wall shows a photo of my grandma with her parents (top left). The lady portrayed in the picture underneath that is my great-great-grandmother.

Jacket: Topshop
Top: Tara Starlet
Skirt: Tara Starlet
Umbrella: Cath Kidston (eBay)

Dress: Tara Starlet
Straw bag: etsy

As you can see I got a few bits from Tara Starlet recently. But there are still a couple of winter acquisitions from etsy left to show you. :)

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