Tuesday, May 4

Televisual longings

I finally had my hair trimmed last week but during the weeks in which my hair was slowly becoming unmanageable I started to spot great hair all around me. My mind became hyper primed for outgrowths of filamentous cells.

Vegging out, my bum sunk deeply into our geriatric sofa I took command of the remote control:


"Back to the Future" came on screen and I couldn't believe I'd never noticed Lea Thompson's gorgeous curls and cute side parting before. I guess the cringe factor was just too overwhelming during previous viewings (after all her own son-to-be finds himself the object of her not-motherly-at-all affections. Farce makes me fidgety.)


NME is my usual go-to channel when there is nothing watchable on the telly box. This is where I keep catching the video for Paramore's "The only exception". Tune and video both are a little too schmaltzy for my taste BUT - I adore lead singer Hayley William's cute hair-do and outfit. I am particularly taken with the clashing pink hair clip vs red hair. I found myself considering another attempt at dying my hair just so I could shamelessly copy this combination.

On a different note: I wore my Top Mode 40s dress to work today. Half way through the first meeting I discovered a small hole in the seam of one sleeve and was glad it was neither noticeable nor would it be hard to fix. It was during meeting #2 I looked down myself to find that a wide, jagged rip had mysteriously appeared down the entire length of the other sleeve. Argh.

In more positive news: A recent indulgence arrived today. I am referring to my new cornflower blue hat from Dear Golden Vintage. I had been cursing at blasting volcanoes for days not daring to get the hat for fear it would be un-shippable for months to come. I was stunned to find nobody had snapped it up by the time flights were back up and running (for now at least). Yet another outfit post in waiting.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. This new follower thinks your blog is just lovely!


  2. awww so cute..love your blog. XOXO

  3. i was lusting over a girl's hair that i found on weardrobe the other day. i think red hair would look lovely on you - not so much on me with my olive skin, though.