Friday, May 7

Pink & Red

Happy weekend! I have been waiting hard for this one. You'd think a four day working week would pass quickly but bank-holiday Monday caused my work pile to expand to epic proportions and time slowed to a crawl instead. Admittedly, mid-week partying might also have played a role in my impatient wait for the weekend.

Wednesday night my colleagues and I threw a surprise hen do for our department's lovely bride-to-be (Mojitos are fiendishly yummy!) and on Thursday a birthday party was keeping me up late. As the week wore on my outfits became increasingly brighter, a more or less fruitless attempt at appearing less sleepy. Above is today's pink & red combination.

Knowing I can sleep as long as I like tomorrow is putting a great big tired smile on my face right now. Hope you all get to relax as well!

Top: Oasis
Skirt: H&M
both some years ago (time flies)
Tights: Asda
Shoes: Some bargain bin


  1. i cant believe i havnt found your blog sooner! i've been going through all your posts, you're absolutely adorable! looks like you've just came out of a whole new decade, kudos!

  2. I love pink and red together