Saturday, May 8

My Stars

Jumper: Originally Mom's
Skirt: H&M once upon a time
Belt: Asda
Tights: Primark
Trainers: Converse
Bag: Originally Mom's

I am forever wearing mid-heels but on Thursday I donned my trusty Star Players for once. Lucky, as soon as we ended up playing some pool (easier in flats I reckon).

As it turns out pool is nothing like riding a bike: I used to be an OK player but Thursday evening I only potted my opponent's balls. After painstakingly lining up the cue I'd miss the white entirely and hit thin air instead. Very slapstick. Sure, there was the occasional impressive looking "trick shot" or more accurately: Fluke. I'd aim for one, miss it but pot three others. Looks like some practicing is in order.

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