Saturday, May 15

Hello Operator

My parents are here on a visit. It 's been declared a photo-safari. Fueled by the promise of exotic places (exotic to those who don't have motorized transport) I have been scribbling in my sketchbook about all sorts of locations and outfits. Planning is useful but chance is a beauty. We came across an old phone booth on the roadside today. Who could resist this defunct red box? Not me, that 's for sure.

I've been meaning to show you the grey skirt I got from Jitterbuggin for ages. Here it is and my new hat from Dear Golden Vintage too. I already showed you my Grandma's brooch a while ago but I am using a different camera now, so you can actually see it this time around. I don't know what it is about me and pink tights lately. I wear blue and turquoise quite often as well but they never seem to make it into outfit posts of late.

I think I'll be posting a few more pics over the next few days.
Enjoy your weekend everybody! :-)

Blue felt hat: Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy
Jacket: Topshop a few years ago
Tara Starlet sailor blouse hidden throughout (the weather is nice, but not quite that nice)
Wool skirt: Jitterbuggin on Etsy
T-bars: Vintage
Straw bag: Christmas present


  1. That is such a random place for a telephone booth, but it is awesome. I am glad you found it.

  2. Oh! How lovely! It seems that the telephone booth has been given back to nature almost. I adore that! And pink tights. They add whimsy to the outfit.