Monday, May 31

Good Intentions

I had every intention to do an outfit post today. I curled my hair, put my red lippy on and then I faltered. The cycle ride to the closest backdrop-worthy location seemed so damn undesirable I took my hat off and started the computer up again. Motivation is just a lack of apathy. Oh well. Have you seen my backbone? If found please return.

It 's been a lazy weekend catching up on Mad Men Season 3. I know this season is old news to you guys but in absence of an outfit post I'll at least share some screen captures:

I just love the curls, especially with the hat. The suit is really cute too, don't you think?

Every time Peggy wears this dress I am completely taken in by the gorgeous collar & bow. *sigh* I want it.

I am pretty sure we saw this dress before. I guess even imaginary people like Betty Draper get to keep their favourites for more than one season. I think it is just perfect. In fact it inspired a recent impulse buy I am looking forward to showing you guys.

I was really surprised to see a scene with Betty in a pin curl set. Editors pandering to us copy cats maybe?

Two months to go until the new season. :-)
Well, that's all folks. You all have a great start to the new week!


  1. Mad Men is definately the most beautifully dressed show there is. I love those pin curls!

  2. I can never get over the wardrobe on this show! So gorgeous :D

    Aya ♥

  3. I really need to get my act together and start watching Mad Men. Haven't seen a single season, and every time I see pictures of the clothes on the show, I feel like they must have the best wardrobe I have ever seen.

  4. Can NOT wait. I think as they go into their own company, the red headed bombshell secretary will become one o the first women exec.s. That's my prediction. Cuz she is so smart. Cheers CM