Thursday, May 20


My Other Half noticed the Exploration board game at the cottage my parents were staying at this week. It looks a right adventure!

We passed a ruined greenhouse numerous times in the car over the past few days. Barbed wire kept me from venturing any closer but still I couldn't pass up my Kodak moment. The bottom picture gives you a closer look at my shoes (the highest heels in my closet, which my parents gave me during a previous visit). They're hidden by stinging nettles in the middle picture. In fact I did an awful lot of posing ankle deep in nettles this week. Growing up a friend and I would spend whole days beating hidden corridors deep into a large, incredibly high growing area of stinging nettles. Folklore has it that nettle stings provide prophylaxis against arthritis, so I should be inoculated for life. I find that amusing.

You'll see more of this skirt in the next two posts.

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