Thursday, January 7

The dress to be: 2010 Indulgence

I just bought this pattern! I am looking forward to finding the perfect fabric and someone who will take over the actual making of it as soon as my sewing skills are not up to the task. I am daydreaming about just the right shades of colours.. lighter for the collar and then a darker one for the rest. Probbly some shade of blue? It shall be an epic search :-)

I'd actually come across a near identical dress in a vintage store a while back and just had to try it on despite the stretched seams, frayed fabric and it being much too large for me. It was one of those "I really want you" moments (yes, I talk to ill fated dressed while in changing rooms) but I knew there was no way I could wear this pretty outside my own four walls.

It was just too far gone. Finding the pattern today there was just no resisting it.