Tuesday, November 17

The Other One

I have been looking forward to taking some creepy Doppelganger images ever since I ordered fabrics on Etsy to use as backdrops. Here are some preliminary shots. Sadly no finals today, as soon as I was so eager to get going I paid no heed to the fact that I was dead knackered and looked it too, so rather than a creepy expression my face just looks melty (or maybe a bit of both?)
I think I will re shoot these on the weekend. I was thinking it might be nice to "hold my own hand" as well as doing the old clapping game.

I am really pleased with the cotton background though, it turned out to be everything I was hoping for.

A glimpse just at the edge of your vision, a harbinger of ill-health, bad luck or even death. Just plain creepy is what it is.

There are many variations on the Doppelganger mythos, my favourite being that the Doppelganger copies you, until gradually it transforms, turning into you. Sucking the very essence of your being into itself.
This concept used to fascinate and freak me out something chronic when I was little: I'd lie awake at night wondering if I was really myself or just a copy, so immersed I'd forgotten my true identity. I'd look in the mirror struggling to recognize myself, staring at the stranger staring right back at me.

This concludes this evening's creep-fest. Have sweet dreams you all! ;-)


  1. This is soo awsome! I looove it! thought it was your twin siter at first! it's perfect!

  2. Hehe, I did a project last year of photos of myself having tea and dinner with myself and watching TV with myself. They were fun.
    -Andi x

  3. it's always creeped me out too! beautiful pictures!

  4. This is so cool! I love the background too - that fabric is gorgeous! xxx

  5. Wow, amazing! I love these photos... well planned and beautiful! :D

  6. okay, i've been wanting to do a background similar to this for etsy photos! it's just a cotton sheet?? it looks really great.

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments :-)

    I used a 2 yard length of cotton, which I got from Etsy. You can hold it up on the wall with masking tape (no damage to cotton or wall) or use string and washing clips instead.
    At home I use the washing clip ensemble but today I was out round a friend's house to take portraits of her little daughter, so the masking tape was in action.

    Pfuh! I am knackered, that little girl has modelling in her blood!

    I am off to do some post production..

    Have a great weekend you all!

  8. That's very cool... in a creepy kind of way! ;)