Wednesday, November 4

It is happening again.

It is happening again
When Twin Peaks was first shown it was aired well past my bed time so naturally my curiosity was piqued immediately (oh the wonderful things that must be happening after children go to sleep!).

I never did get a glimpse of it though until a decade later, when I finally stilled my curiosity and watched the box set marathon-style. It has been on my list of favourites ever since with its unique cinematographic style, saturated colour, uncanny undertones (alright, probably there is no 'under' about it) and frequent depiction of dreams and nightmares. Lynch's work has inspired many an artist, Gregory Crewdson's highly staged and uncanny tableau of suburban America to name but one.

When I think of Twin Peaks the first thing that comes to mind is the cunning Audrey Horne, but she is not the only one dancing in the town of Twin Peaks and by far not the most eccentric character either. There is the Log Lady for instance, who Anja of Clever Nettle turned into this Halloween; Nadine on her quest for perfectly silent curtain track gliders and the caffeine fueled federal agent investigating the brutal murder of a local teenage girl isn't too well balanced himself. Lynch's own character, Gordon Cole is a personal favourite.

The film-noir aspects of the series are underlined by the darkly beautiful musical score, written by Angelo Badalamenti. Sadly there are also a few horrendous vocals amongst the mainly instrumental tracks. I guess even the old masters Incorporated small imperfections in their work so as not to mock god.

And what brought on this fan-fest? Well, my blog header of course. This week the dolls house is decked out in Twin Peaks references. The owls are not what they seem..


  1. Twin Peaks scares the heck out of me but I LOVE IT! I also love Gregory Crewdson. He is a genius.
    And Agent Cooper. sigh. I want to cuddle him. Haha.
    -Andi x

  2. oh i love Twin Peaks, these images almost make me wish it were autumn!