Wednesday, November 11

Hair: The hare-brained edition

Hair: The hare-brained edition 
or: a case of not at all simultaneous invention

Yesterday evening I earned the title of 'Inventor'.
Drum roll please - moments like this only come around once in a lifetime:

Let me introduce the Hair Zapper 3000 (there has to be a number at the end, right?). The other half was all for calling it the Zappy Cappy. Trust him to poke fun at this well thought out, easy to use, absolutely SAFE device. Ahem.

Right, I was slouching on the sofa at midnight with my wet hair in curlers: Beginning to get tired I grudgingly faced up to the fact it wouldn't dry in time for bed. Late of night in a terraced house with wafer-thin walls the hair-dryer was not an option, but I really didn't fancy sleeping in curlers either. That's when the solution hit me: An electric blanket for your head.

Shaped like a bath cap, the Hair Zapper 3000 plugs into the mains and leaves your hair to dry comfortably and silently. Available in four beautiful designs (Flower Meadow pictured above) you will soon be unable to remember how you ever lived without the Hair Zapper 3000 (no liability for memory loss). Contrary to what the brand name indicates, it will only rarely zap you. Not suitable for use near pace makers.

Introductory offer includes free hand-held generator so you can move about your home freely while your hair is set silently and comfortably. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Order now!

Shortly after finalzing my amazing product I experienced what many an inventor must dread when they hit the patent office: I honestly wasn't aware that the Hair Zapper 3000 already exists and is easily available. I am decades late.

Testimonials for a Soft Bonnet anyone? It looks a bit sci-fi to me, but hey, as soon as I invented it independently I guess I should give this a try :-)

Am I the only Inventor here or have you too got patent pending on the device of the future?

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