Sunday, October 25

Mom's Doll House

When I was little I used to have a sky-scraper of a dolls house: Most levels were built by my Dad and housed a multitude of Sylvanian families, a school, grocery and Barbie (who lived in the cellar, where the walls were tall enough for her). I always used to love playing with the house, which back in the day, was taller than me.

My Mom's old doll house made up one of the level of my sky scraper.I never paid the decor much attention, preferring my Dad's architecture. The retired school teacher bear lived in it. I used to place him in his rocking chair where he would reminisce about his early years, back when he was a sea-fairing bear.

Some weeks ago I woke up with a detailed image of Mom's doll house in my mind. Not having given it a thought in years I was suddenly itching to take photos of it. One phone call and some trips to the attic later my parents reported successful retrieval of the garishly wall-papered abode. During my visit, the three of us worked our way through boxes and boxes of beautiful furniture until I found the grey-green sofas I had been looking for. The TV was a particularly pleasing find, as soon as I had forgotten all about it.

Holding the house:
Dress: Lipstick Vogue
Shoes: Clarks

Living room
Dress: RedDressShoppe (Stop Staring)

Hat: Laura Dols
Blouse: Oasis
Skirt: Market
Shoes: Office

Curlers and vintage 40s dress


  1. I still love dolls houses, and now I have another excuse to play with them, with my daughter...Love your dress...

  2. Adorable! Love the new header and you look so sweet in that dress!

  3. Thanks :-)

    My parents will bring the house on their next visit so I think it will become a regular feature eventually.

    I'd love to make regular small changes to the new banner google-logo-style. :-)

  4. This is amazing!! I love it! I absolutely adore going to my parent's house and unearthing childhood treasures!

  5. Omg- this dollhouse is amazing! I would love to be able to see that in person. How wonderful she still had it! Your outfit is lovely, too. :)