Saturday, October 31


Happy Halloween!

I was all set to take some shots today, but it 's been raining all morning and I am too precious about my new camera to dare dress it in a rain coat. So instead of heading to the woods I 'been sitting on my sofa eating the 'in case kids knock the door' chocolate. Trick or treating isn't very common over here, but this year I am prepared for all eventualities. That is, if I can keep myself from sitting here like jaba the hut for the rest of the day eating it all.

Have yourself a great weekend!

Jumper: Mom's
Skirt: H&M via eBay
Belt: Asda


  1. Love your pumpkin head photos, so clever! Wish I had thought of that- what fun! Happy Halloween, keep your head in all that candy temptation!
    Lemondrop Marie

  2. I love your photos - I've been enjoying the dollhouse ones a lot too.

  3. I love these Halloween photos, and your dollhouse series as well. Lovely work!