Friday, September 11

Hi there!
Sorry to have gone quiet for so long, leaving the blog to collect theoretical dust and all.

I was busy losing some holiday-pastry-weight (the battle continues) and catching up at work. However, yesterday the dress on the right arrived in the mail so I just had to show you right away.
Besides, I'd been meaning to take a trip to the Moon via Photoshop for a while now.

It is cold out. There 's a crisp edge in the air and dusk draws in earlier and earlier every day. The mornings are misty and my hair is suffering the consequences: I start cycling with a full head of rag curls but by the time I reach work I resemble a scarecrow. I got myself one of those see-through plastic rain-hats only little old ladies wear with confidence, but am yet to summon the courage to use it. I think I am just about ready. Oh the joy of the changing seasons..

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

Dress: Lipstick Vogue (.com | Etsy)
I am definitely showing you lots more pictures of the dress when the rest of me isn't such a mess!


  1. My hair is a total disaster too and I usual use an antifrizz effect product. I noticed that when the weather is wet it is better if I straighten my hair because curls go... spinach!
    And talking about old ladies wear...I bought a trolley for my shopping bags: hard to admit but it is very useful, so go for it if you're ready! Or you can use a big fabric headband?

  2. that dress is absolutely gorgeous!