Wednesday, September 23


For a while now I have been quite envious of all the bloggers who have access to old-fashioned photo booths. I never could resist them but over the last decade the last few seem to have disappeared from my reach. However, my friend google says there is one waiting for me in London. Did you know there are places that hire them out for weddings etc. as well. How tempting is that?

Now for an excuse to catch a train to London..


  1. there's a photo booth at a bar i really hate, but it might be worth it. i've always wanted to take that special someone into a photo booth and take pictures of us smoochin', you know? i think it'd be cute and romantic.

  2. Yes, the classic 'couples happily wedgeded into photo booth' is such an iconic images. :-)

    I always used to try to get groups of friends to squeeze into booths, the more the merrier but I haven't got any photographic evidence left. Time for more!

  3. ahhh I love photo booths! I have so many ridiculous pictures of myself with friends in grade school as well!

  4. hi vintage... =)
    i love ur photos =)

  5. I have never been to one, sounds like so much fun! Have a nice weekend dear :)



  6. I am just about to head for the train station :-)
    A great weekend right back at you!