Thursday, August 6

Linzer Kuchen

In October I am going to spend a weekend visiting my parents in Austria. This trip is long overdue, seeing as I haven't been in 'the old country' in nearly two years.

The postcard above (from 1924) shows my home town. The house on the card is where my parents live and was my home for the first 18 years of my life.

I am looking forward to copious amounts of cakes and pastries, so on that note:

Here is my recipe for Linzer Kuchen as my Grandma and Mom make it.
The amounts given will make three cakes (or four if you use small baking tins).
They will keep for approx. one week and can be frozen.

You can substitute the walnuts with hazelnuts, almonds or pecans and rum works just as well as schnaps. As for jam anything with a bit of sourness to it will do (cranberry sauce works really well).

It is a really simple cake to make but kneading that dough will do wonders for your arm muscles, not to mention crushing so many nuts (I can't get a hold of pre-ground walnuts ANYWHERE in this town).

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  1. ohhhh this recipe sounds amazing! I am taking some time off from my job soon, and have put this in my "to try" list during that time! :)

    The postcard of your home town is lovely!