Thursday, July 23

Pink tights & apple eyes

Here is to soft pink tights and apple eyes.
I like mucking about in photos but there is also an aspect of pure unadulterated vanity here, because I don't like pictures to show my lazy eye. Most the time it is hardly noticeable, but in photos it becomes obvious.

Admittedly, occasionally I get a kick out of those awkward moments when someone can't tell whether I am looking at them or not. Some people get very uncomfortable about that. Oddly enough it is usually the same sort of people who are quite condescending. It works for me [They had it coming ;-)].

Anyway - pink tights: I am rather enjoying these, the colour is really soft unlike my other pair which is VIOLENT pink. That's about as much detail regarding tights as I can muster. It appears I have turned into a bit of a pink girl over the last few years.
It was my least favourite colour all through childhood.

Dress: Echoo
Tights: eBay
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Asda


  1. Love the whole collage- beautiful! And those pink tights are so sweet. Your eyes are very appetizing. :)
    I look like I am carrying luggage under my eyes in photos a lot of the time, I think I must have a giant browbone or something that casts a shadow. So I wear sunglasses and I just don't care!

  2. Love the pink hose with that dress. Lovely outfit and I think people with lazy eyes are always very beautiful - it doesn't make me uncomfortable.

  3. These photos are so dreamy and gorgeous :D Beautiful outfit! ^-^

  4. Hello, thanks for joining! Your blog is lovely, and so are your outfits. Very glad we found each other. Link swap? ;) ciao!

  5. Pink tights are marvelous! I haven't wore any since my elementary school days, but, inspired by these charming shots, think that I will have to keep my eyes peeled for some when the cooler weather rolls into town.

    Big hugs, my sweet dear,
    ♥ Jessica