Friday, July 10

Oma's Brooch

When my parents came to visit last time my Grandma had given them one of her brooches to bring along for me. It is such a sweet little thing. It looks its best on blouse collars but I really like it on this top too.

I am hoping to get up early tomorrow and take some pictures out and about before the city wakes up. We'll see.. it all depends on whether I'll be able to acquire a fresh set of batteries for my power guzzling camera tonight.

Top: Asda
Clay mask: Hand-made


  1. That is a wonderful mask! Love it next to the pretty lace on your top. You take the best pics!

  2. Thanks :-)
    I recently went through a couple of boxes full of masks I made a couple of years back. I hadn't looked at them so long I 'd forgotten about half of them. I think I'll make more use of them on this blog.