Friday, July 24

Lazy girls use long thread

Lazy girls use long thread
Nearly two decades after my war against all needle work first broke out a truce is finally brokered.

Today my teacher arrived in the post: 'Sewing for Dummies' and '101 Essential Tips for Basic Sewing'. Thumbing through the books right away I was rather surprised how much I actually remember from back in Home Ec hell.

I am hoping they'll help me do better at small repairs, maybe enable me to re-hem a couple of bits and if things go extremely well I might even take a stab at using a dress pattern.. who knows?

I am playing with the thought of getting myself a compact sewing machine. Sadly there just isn't space for a 'real' one in my shoebox home, but then I think it would be a little premature to get a big old machine when all I have to go on for now is two beginner's guides and a bunch of good intentions.


  1. How fabulous! I am envious,I have no sewing talent outside of buttons. I tried my hand at monogramming pillowcases for fun, but refused to let anyone talented look at them for fear they would turn it inside out to look at the messy stitches. I hope you feel like a whiz in no time!

  2. I thought I must be the only one into vintage but needlecraftly-challenged ;-)
    It is not just the back of stitching with me though, the front turns out just as unsightly.

    That's why I am eager to get my hands on a machine: Make garments remain wearable after they have been butchered by what passes as repairs with me. I usually know what I ought to be doing, it is just that the end result leaves much to be desired.

    I have got some time off work coming up in a a few weeks so the plan is to use it to repair my terrible curtains, re-hem a skirt that has been collecting dust for months and so on..

    I figured this post might embarrass me into really doing it ;-)

  3. I sould get that book too as I'm a dummy at sewing :) I bought a very small sewing machine to learn basics but I think it's not very useful, just doesn't work properly. I made some small bags and a cushion but they're a bit messy.
    I'm thinking about buying a compact basic Singer and ask my kind auntie for some lessons, hopefully I'll manage! :)

  4. I had a look at machins today and the ones in my price range aren't really worth the trouble (glorified toys). Maybe eBay will throw me a bone, otherwise I'll reconsider around Christmas (the other Christmas, not blog Christmas).

    Thinking of which: Merry Christmas everybody!