Wednesday, July 1

Good intentions

Looking back through past posts I couldn't help but notice how one of my very first entries states the grand intentions of finally getting my equipment into working order. Well, I supplied my middle-aged digital camera with fresh batteries, but that's where it stopped.

I use a tripod and self-timer to take the snaps on this blog but when it comes to photography in general I prefer traditional processing, a sturdy (heavy as hell) medium or large format camera and my portable studio kit.

All of that is unnecessary for the purposes of sharing my wardrobe intestines, but I have got a number of images moldering in my head that have been waiting to be taken for near on a year now. So much for motivation :-)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you one of my more serious piccies if only to point out that I am gutted I ripped that dress. It had pockets and all! Although there is no way I could wear it anymore, it is still at the back of my wardrobe. The picture is titled 'From the Deep' and is about dreams and nightmares.

You can see more of my neglected work on my website: Stef's portfolio

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