Sunday, July 19

Early birthday

This year most my birthday presents have arrived early. My parents got me two lovely paper-cut cameos from tinatarnoff on Etsy. (Girl on a swing necklace and Back where you belong brooch).

I love both to bits, which got me thinking in a greedy manner again:
Now that I have exhausted this town's supply of earring worthy buttons (I am wearing some on the right) I think I might make myself some necklaces and brooches. I haven't decided quite what I want to put in the settings yet but I am sure I'll come up with something. I think I might just do a collage or two. I always enjoy collecting little bits and bobs, eventually laying them all out in front of me, staring at them clueless for a while until at last: A light bulb switches on in my head, it becomes obvious what goes where and everything falls into place.

The settings and lacquer are available on Etsy, so come payday I am bound to treat myself to another D.I.Y. splurge. I'll report back on the results :-)


  1. What enchantingly sweet pieces, I adore them both! Happy early birthday wishes, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. love the cameos, so unique!

    your blog is great. you have such a quirky oldfashioned sense of style, I love it!

    would you like to trade links?

  3. Lovely''I have picture's of my children in the one's i wear as brooches

  4. That second picture is great, love the brooch and that tee looks too cute!


  5. so glad to happen to find your blog through Lemondropvintage!!!! wow

  6. Oh, I hope you have a lovely and wonderful Birthday! I am always get so babyish and emotional when my birthdays come around, it always makes it so much better to receive thoughtful gifts... as shallow as that sounds!! haha

    Necklaces are gorgeous, btw :)

  7. Happy birthday – what fab presents - so so pretty :)

  8. What lovely cameos, you are a lucky girl. Have a wonderful birthday!!

  9. those cameos are gorgeous! i just discovered your blog and i think it's wonderful :) i'll be back...