Thursday, July 30

Cro-Magnon Woman

When it comes to my hair I go through adventurous periods. They usually end in a big mistake followed by the eternal wait for my hair to grow. Just occasionally though I get it right for a change and feel happy to stick with a style for a while.

Getting a hair cut has always been synonymous with getting my teeth pulled (a scene from Marathon Man comes to mind) although I am actually more relaxed when visiting the dentist than watching tufts of hair drift to the floor all around me.

When I left Austria I was shocked to find that no qualifications are required to open a hair salon in England. Panicked I stopped having regular hair cuts and went to the hair dresser only during sporadic visits to my parents. At uni my fear of hair dressers was supplemented by reluctance to spend money for a quick trim, so in a fit of temporary madness I bought a pair of scissors and decided to cut myself a fringe.

I am too vein to show you the result. It pales in the light of the dead, broken mess I had already created at this point by home-dying my hair black. Suffice to say, when I finally did decide to seek refuge at the hairdresser's they refused to touch the stuff. The fringe grew out eventually and this spring I finally found a hair dresser I trust but don't have to get into a plane to visit. I was over the moon to have a proper hair cut again, but as I was bound to, I got bored with it eventually.

The other day I looked in the mirror and found the elephant woman staring back at me.
I am fully aware that I have quite a normal forehead, but on close inspection in unfavourable lighting I have noticed some dents up there which initially reminded me of a duck but what the other half teasingly referred to with a big grin as 'cro-magnon woman'.

I'd been toying with the thought of another try at a fringe for a while, but that settled it. I called the hair dresser's for an appointment. In two weeks time I am going to say farewell to the stone ages and hope to hell I am not making a big mistake. Oh well, if so, it'll grow eventually.

Quite a number of bloggers on my reading list sport enviable bangs:
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  1. ha ha! i know just what you mean, getting a haircut can be pretty traumatic. and the worst thing about cutting it yourself is that you have only yourself to blame :D

    here's hoping you fall head over heals in love with your next hair do :)

  2. I just cut bangs a couple of years ago and I really like them. I think I will get bored too, but they've been more fun than I thought they would. Can't wait to see yours.

  3. I am troubled over the same thing - just blogged about it on Monday. Want to get my hair cut into a short curly look.

  4. Good luck with the bangs....good choice! I always start to grow mine out, then always default back to them....I just love them! I bet they will look lovely on you!