Saturday, July 11

Bus Stop Boxer

As you see I did get hold of fresh batteries last night.

My camera always plays silly buggers with me when it gets low on power: I set the self-timer, stand still until I resemble Lot's wife turned to stone and finally grumble: 'It 's switched off, hasn't it?' (Of course, sometimes the moment I decide to check the camera, click! I was just being impatient).

The other half went to work at silly hours today, so I got up at the same time and made for the bus stop.

Top: Asda
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Asda
Shoes: Ark Vintage
Bag: eBay


  1. Well you're leagues ahead of me on the camera setting all the same. I can't figure out anything yet. I have to have help.
    Love the pics as always, the colors are striking!

  2. I guess I am cheating really as soon as I studied photography ;-)
    The trick with self-portraits for me is auto-focus and a wide image area that is cropped afterwards.

    You could always check on some photographer's forums to seek out a willing enthusiast. or for instance. There might be someone in your area :-)
    Or just stick a notice in your local photo supply shop?