Sunday, June 28

Weekend doodle mania

I recently bought a few fabric pens for onesie-decorating at a colleague's baby shower. This weekend I put the pens to further use super-swirling a plain table cloth (and hiding a couple of stains in the process) and then proceeded to doodle on a couple of hankies as well.
It is just as well I live in rented accommodation, otherwise the lamp shades would be party to similar treatment.
This is by no means my first bout of craft madness. Last time I went decoupage crazy: One of my coffee tables is covered in chocolate wrappers, the other in cowboys (bottom image).


  1. Love it - this looks like so much fun!

  2. I ended up drawing on an old sheet as well. I'll use it as a backdrop when I next take photos for the blog. :-)

  3. this is adorable! what a cute idea :)