Monday, June 22

Mitzi's gardening blouse

My Mom recently got talking to her sister and mentioned my penchant for vintage clothing. As it turned out my aunt had an old family friend's blouse stored away: First washed by boiling nearly one hundred years ago the cotton blouse is still in great shape and I have every intention of wearing it. The collar is particularly beautiful :-)

Strangely enough there are only two buttons, with the bottom part of the blouse hanging loosely. I guess it was meant to be worn under a dress, making further buttons unnecessary.

Once I find it up in this mess I call home I'll post a picture of the original owner.


  1. I love how you laid this post out - very creative!! Very cute blog - I think I shall continue to follow. If you get a chance come by my blog and maybe follow too :)

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog :) I look forward to future posts!